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You may not think much about what will happen to your estate - but without a plan in place, your heirs may find themselves tied up in the courts for years and lose thousands of dollars in fees. Avoid confusion and delay and protect your family by arranging a financial plan now so you have the peace of mind, knowing it's there when you'll need it.

Plan for the future with wills and probate

We create a plan not just for your finances but other matters too, including guardianships for elders and children, and medical directives too.

- Writing wills

- Drafting trusts

- Health directives

- Guardianships

We'll help you choose the best option for you and your family!


Some of the options we provide you:

Setting up a will or a trusts is a simple procedure that will ensure your wishes are respected and can save your family time and money. Mr. Adler can walk you through the options and help you create the perfect plan that takes into account all your assets and ensure a smooth transfer with a minimum of fees. We also handle civil cases, business and government work, and more.

Prepare now for a secure future

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